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A cuddly discussion on mundane welfare

And they say I use heavy language. No, look. All cute and cuddly language up in here!

Manikar Das Brahmachari really dont know who he is or what his ideologies/loyalties are at. i hope he's not some humantarian fem-liber modern iskcon guy. in that case i would have enabled an enemy. BTW I went through his page and found some non-devotional sorta humantarian content there. whatever.
He talks to BVKS, so he must be somewhat alright.

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Atmavan Dasa well human care is part of devotional life i guess. traditional at heart. references can be given. thank you for helping!
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Manikar Das Brahmachari Human care or broadly speaking 'jiva daya', is a part of vaishnavism which it to be applied within vaishanavism, not that we take an element.
E.g. 'poor feeding' and then run with it and make a sub movement out of it, on it's own by removing the Krsna-factor that makes for the difference between 'Prasad with kirtan' as contrasted with 'simply prasadam', which SP said was nonsense.
The moment you do that it becomes a proper rascal project which is just another bodily concept of life nonsense.
So that fine line between vaishnavism and atheistic humanism should never be crossed.
FYI, as far as the word 'humanitarian' is concerned: Hanumanji, Jatayu nor any of the millions of monkeys in Rama's army were humans. So we have to invent a new word, monkeytarian to accommodate them then?

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Atmavan Dasa In our individual lives we progress by gradually differentiating between matter and spirit, what is pleasing to guru/krsna, and what is not. At least if the theoretical understanding is there, I wouldn't worry so much about some sentimental worldly care. It will be purified. It is normal for a sadhaka to have such sentiments. The proper application of devotional principles should be understood and if an ambition towards applying it in devotional life is there, it is not a disturbance in society. So we are living according to our levels of realizations. Not according to others.
But your teaching is also required and appreciated. Thank you for reminding of the highest and the proper understanding!

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Manikar Das Brahmachari haribol, they are not "my teachings". that is the glory of the paradox of vaishnavism. if they were my "opinions" they would be useless. They are facts not opinions.
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Atmavan Dasa "...your representation and teaching of the sampradaya truth..." is that better?  i did not mean it is your opinion. i very well know these facts as well.
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Manikar Das Brahmachari " wouldn't worry so much about some sentimental worldly care. It will be purified. It is normal for a sadhaka to have such sentiments. "
We have all sympathy for that. But that is not the discussion.
An iskcon devotee who likes to feed pigeons on his ...See more

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Atmavan Dasa agree. i am talking from an individuals position.
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Manikar Das Brahmachari yes, that is a different thing. weve all got out karma baggage! 
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