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Isvara Das

Here is an interesting case of friendly-fire. But the man Isvara Das could not understand this very basic rule of engagement. anyways he is mostly a conservative and is not pure evil, etc. but he has a soft corner for FFL since he is a disciple BTSwami. a soft corner for FFL means to be an enemy of Prabhupada, simple.

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1. Purnaprajna Das the geriatric liberal blasphemed Bhakti Vikas Swami's book WMM
2. I said something against purnapdas
3. Isvara's emotions got hurt.
4. I partially unleashed my self upon isvara
Side point: Another person also made some lowly attempt to mock our presentation of the siddhanta. She too was silenced.

Manikar Das Brahmachari Purnaprajna Das Indeed your Prajna is Purna. [sarcasm]
1. This is what a person like you has to say: "What BVS's book cover promotes is a mood not at all in line with Srila Prabhupada's"
Since when has your understanding of the siddhanta been better th
an that of BVKS's? When?
2. I believe you have a grown up son right? Perhaps you would change you present day misunderstanding if your son brings home a wife who has no qualities mentioned in BVKS's book?
3. Are you not the author of the condensed version of the SB? So u went through the SB and learnt what? That even in a situation of non emergency, which is our present day iskcon situation the emergency rules of dharma should be applied? This is the purnatva of ur prajna? Completeness of ur intelligence?
Here is an analogy:
When enagaging the enemy at the height of a war the commanding officer of a military base sometimes orders all the men an women serving at all posts in the base to pick up a gun and go fight at the front line. All cooks, doctors, nurses, clerks, drivers, electricians, janitors, etc are expected to leave their duties and engage the enemy. So when the war is subsided the commanding officer orders all men and women to return back to their posts. Since all those posts are needed for the day to day functioning of the military base. Even if it is for one day that the janitors, cooks, drivers, clerks, etc are away from their posts then there would be a major managerial crisis in the base. 
a) Similarly, when Prabhupada was here we had a definite emergency and apat-dharma (emergency dharma) protocols had to be initiated. 
b) If you were to look at the mentions of varnaashrama in Prabhupada's instructions from the 1960's to the end of his sojourn, you will find that they increase towards the end.
c) So, to understand this simple matter one does not need for one's Prajna to be complete so why does the one going by the name Purnaprajna Das fail to understand this.

Isvara Dasa Leaving aside the issue of book banning which I of course don't support, but I often wonder how guys like you have developed such big mouths in addressing Vaisnavas. Srila Prabhupada would never allow his disciples to criticise his god brothers. He may do it, but certainly not the disciples. It's quite detrimental to spiritual life. What do you hope to gain by lambasting your guru's god brother who may even be is senior position to your guru. Spiritual life is like a razors edge which one needs to thread very carefully.
Dhira Lalita Yes, please learn proper vaishnava etiquette, dear bramachari prabhu
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Manikar Das Brahmachari Dhira Lalita oh u again. did this same brahmachari prabhu not silence you to the point of embarrassment on the Krishna West issue with your sentimental quotes. now here u are with them again. if a long sensible argument is what you want then send ur husband to argue with us. we would love to educate him in the matters of siddhanta and maryada.
this might refresh your memory Dhira Lalita mata

Hanuman Das with William G Benedict and Basu Ghosh Das
Prabhupada: Why your dress is not as a sannyas?
Tusta Krsna: The robes make people uncomfortable, Prabhupada. They see you as different and can’t relate. They w...
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Dhira Lalita You are too intelligent for me, prabhu.
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Manikar Das Brahmachari Isvara Dasa1. Bhakti Vikas Swami’s book is a part of the veda(scriptures). The veda-nindaka(criticizers of the scriptures) are not vaishnavas. Such people are a bunch of yavanas(destroyers of vedic culture).
2. And then what are we to call those who defend the veda-nindakas? Or glorify the veda-nindaka with lofty titles such as ‘senior devotees’.
3. A veda-nindaka is a veda-nindaka. He may be a devotee or a senior devotee in someone’s miscalculations.

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Manikar Das Brahmachari Isvara Dasa further wrote 4. “Prabhupada would never allow his disciples to criticize his god brothers. He may do it, but certainly not the disciples. ” Prabhupada here is encouraging his disciples to criticize…not just to go against Bon Maharaja on the subject of apasiddhanta (philosophical deviation) but also make multiple ad hominem remarks.
Most Powerful Personality. Denver, June 30, 1975
Prabhupada: ...men should be very strong to protest. They must know he has come purposely, purposefully. Of course, he will not be able to do anything. Simply ask him, "You, sir, what you have done for the last forty years? And who asked you to start this institute? And why you were called back by Guru Maharaja?" You ask these things. "And you performed some ceremony for neutralizing your guru-aparadha." He did it. Some astrologer... He admitted that "I have offended my Guru Maharaja. So I am not improving. So can you suggest anything?" He said that "You offer 108 bilva patra to Lord Siva." And he did it for so many...
5. “He may do it, but certainly not the disciples.” Goto page 78 of BVKS’s book on speaking strongly. 
6. “It's quite detrimental to spiritual life” -A perfect point was made here. To have contempt for the (undiluted uncompromising) Vaishnava theologians is “quite detrimental” even to the physical life of not only oneself but also of one’s whole family. The scriptures say “Brahma dveshat kulakshayah”- contempt for the theologians causes for the destruction of one’s dynasty. So we must all avoid coming in the path of those who are trying to rid of the rot that is there in our movement.
7. Now here was my favorite part of your reply- the usage of phrases such as “guys like you” and “big mouths”. But we also hear that you are to an extent in the ‘conservative iskcon’ camp thus with an intent of avoiding blue-on-blue fire (thereby focusing on the bigger battles at hand) we shall not give our “real reply” to… well, how did you put it? Aaahh yes...“guys like you”.
But agitation solves nothing.
SB 8.6.24
yūyaṁ tad anumodadhvaṁ
yad icchanty asurāḥ surāḥ
na saṁrambheṇa sidhyanti
sarvārthāḥ sāntvayā yathā 
My dear demigods, with patience and peace everything can be done, but if one is agitated by anger, the goal is not achieved. Therefore, whatever the demons ask, agree to their proposal. 

SB 8.6.24
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