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Kripamoya Prabhu's Household Fiasco

Here is what i wrote in one place.

Regarding Tulsi and Jahnavi Dasi
Yes I have never observed anything bad in Kripamoya pr. neither would it ever be my business nor is it normally any non-senior’s business to correct such an advanced devotee like him. But what can we do? This mata is openly singing all over the whole world like this. It's non vedic. AND it’s preaching a non-vedic life. It is not about what the mata is doing in her own house. That would not be any one’s worry since it is something between them and Krishna. When we preach a bogus philosophy we get 100 times the reaction, the scriptures say. This mata, her popular sister and their circle are to be partially blamed. And this is not at all our place to speak. It is their controller's place to speak BUT where is that controller? Husband and father? Both encourage such behavior in the matajis. Either with their silence or with their words.

If you ask her, “mataji, should girls openly sing in front of many men like you two sing?” I doubt if she will ever say, “No mataji should sing like us. We are very sorry. We know that it is against the scriptures but it is our conditioning.” Such a thing we will never hear from the two sister matajis. So I speak even if it is a bit bitter or personal. Considering my fault of being attached to the miserable duty of protecting the scriptures…may hari guru vaishnavas forgive me.

It is very misfortunate that the force of circumstance has now caused for us to assail [as in their ideology] the same men that we once adored. The dilemma is katham bhismam aham sankhe dronam ca madhusudana isubihi pratiyotsyami pujar arhova ari sudanda.

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