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Ramai Swami Exposed

Is Ramai Swami interested in protecting iskcon's women or just making some western propaganda of equality which has no substance?
Under Ramai #Swami's chairmanship, this anti-vedic, anti-Krishna law was passed by the Iskcon-GBC in May 2008.
Women’s Participation 19 [LAW] A. All ISKCON temples are to allow all qualified devotees, regardless of gender, to speak on Srimad-Bhagavatam, Bhagavad-gita, etc. during the regular temple class.
Even though Prabhupada says, "But if a man can speak better than a woman, the man should be given first preference." Letter to: Brahmananda, Los Angeles 1 February, 1968
But when in October 2016, Adelaide #Iskcon Temple President, Adi Purusha #Krishna Das' son was accused of molesting young girls in Adelaide Ramai Swami stayed silent.
(DISCLAIMER: it's just an accusation at this point in time. no evidence has been brought up. accusation = rumor.
but some SP disciple who has a side parting with her hair (sp forbid that calling it something for prostitutes, shirt 'n pantsand open hair has reported this. so i dont know how credible this is. may well be a fem-liber wanting to taste some "men's tears"!)
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