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Smashing a KrishnaWest Name Calling Feminist - VeronicaAndrea(HDG Follower)

, .Smashing a KrishnaWest Name Calling Feminist - VeronicaAndrea(HDG Follower)

Veronica Andrea ·
IF, he were "scholarly" he would understand that KW is not about the clothes. ..If he wasnt for HDG he wouldn't even be a devotee, HDG made him a devotee? Did you even know that? Hes also accused by Many for allowing children under his care to be abused, beaten and molested. Why not practice what he preaches?
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Manikar Das Brahmachari haribol Veronica Andrea you are a less intelligent woman so u dont understand that HDG introducing anyone to Krishna Consciousness does not make HDG immune from doing wrong things against SP nor does the devotee who was introduced by HDG incapable of smashing HDG's nonsense.
You say that there are some accusations against BVPS. That is an idiotic reason to condemn BVPS. As u say that they are just accusations. I'ven't seen a video of it. Just some reports. Why would you be so idiotic to make an own goal by using the word, 'accusations'. Accusations are not the truth. It is idiotic to condemn someone based on accusations. Hence you are less intelligent.

KWest has many bad theories in it, one of them was highlighted in this post and a link was given where a more complete answer would be found. got that?

if u have any more stupid things to say like "there are accusations against BVPS" "BVPS was introduced by HDG SO NOW BVPS HAS NOOOO RIGHT!!!!" if u to say such stupid things. stop commenting here and read SP's books and wash the feet of non-feminist iskcon leaders.

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Veronica Andrea · 3 mutual friends
Thank prabhu, youve done wonderful job of putting your hatred, bigotry and misogyny on display for all of your like minded friends to cheer you on. Bravo! You made my point even better than i did. Now if youd excuse me pls. I wont be dignifying anymore of your comments with a response.
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Manikar Das Brahmachari "bigotry/misogyny" when feminists have nothing logical, scriptural to say then feminists like u Veronica Andreago to ur old dirty trick of yelling WOMAN HATER WOMAN HATER WOMAN HATER.
we opposed ur emotions and because u are an emotionally weak unprotected woman u started the name calling. (usually the ones divorced or on their 3rd husband are the feminists in iskcon)
ok, it's you can call me names but at least say something scriptural against what we are saying. but no you are here to just do name calling. so get out of here you anti-vedic feminist. HDG will entertain your feminism not me.

devotees are above mundane love and hate

I should not not dignified your less intelligent nonsense, "If he wasn't for HDG he wouldn't even be a devotee, HDG made him a devotee?" as if though it has any significance. this is the stupidest thing i have heard from the KWest group
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Manikar Das Brahmachari

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Manikar Das Brahmachari u have to be really less intelligent to believe in this trash, 'female diksha guru theory'.

Veronica Andrea likes an article.
9 January
A share option would be nice))
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Manikar Das Brahmachari it has been trashed by everyone, here is a good smashing


Manikar Das Brahmachari posted a video from 2015 to his Timeline.

Audio link here http://seminary.bhaktivedantaacademy.com/…/Why_can_women_be…
Devotee: I would lik...
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Manikar Das Brahmachari
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Manikar Das Brahmachari but u are a follower of HDG, a man who says that there is no such thing as vedic culture, i could not expect more from your brain

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Manikar Das Brahmachari To hug girls for a man esp. a sanyassi is against varna ashrama.
this is not an accusation. HDG IS happily hugging this young girl AND he is posing for a pic. It means that he thinks it is totally ok for man esp. a sannyasi to hug young girls.
it's not, " we have many accusations against HDG that he may have hugged a young girl" NO. Not an accusation. We have proof.

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