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Comments against Krishna West

Bhakti Vidya Purna Swami Maharaj: Guarantee you what they are wearing they will not be able to get into a good restaurant or any place of worship. You can't wear what they are wearing and walk into a church on Sunday. But they will sit on the vyasa asana. So they are not a western gentleman. Western gentlemen be wearing a suit.

We must not avoid the ISKCON organization because it is our organization. It is not the liberals' organization. If someone must avoid it, it is the liberal. Not us. We should never leave iskcon rather reeducate or expel the liberals. The loyal sons of the father are never thrown out of the house, only the traitors.
So don't speak of avoiding ISKCON. Speak of how to kick out the compromisers.

HDG in his Strange head thinks that we are the cultural chauvinists. We speak the siddhanta and we are strong about its preaching in a respectable sensible way. This is not chauvinism.

The liberal-iskcon members they say that they are being academic but where is their academic neutrality. They will use cool words to enamour the simple iskcon folk and ruin their lives. E.g. hridayananda Goswami explaining things using his half knowledge of Sanskrit.
A western woman 'Pam ho' just gave historical evidences of pictures and ancient paintings with out sarees found in the excavations... And that became her foolish proof to reject sarees.
She rejected sarees because she wants to look like a cool western person who looks modern and sophisticated. That is the whole Cyril Wohrer(CA Das) Game. He wants to look good and he think girls won't like him if he wears dhotis. It's very simple.

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