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Sacinandana Swami: Private Female Assistant & Shelter from a Sahajiya


Krishna Kirti Das He has seen many pictures by now, and videos. I would ask him if these aren't adequate, why does he think so. And also ask him what he will accept as incontrovertable evidence.
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Krishna Kirti Das According to CC the standard is any semblance of improprety. Damodara Pandita forbade the Lord from playing with a young boy because his mother was a young abd beautiful widow. And Caitanya Mahaprabhu's rejection of Chhotta Haridas was on account of what is by today's standards something hardly thought of as a falldown. I other words, semblance of impropriety is tantamount to impropriety. That is, where there is smoke there is fire. That is how Mahaprabhu dealt with such matters.

As BG Prabhu has pointed out, P Swami and others are guided by sentiment, and they seem to have little patience for shastric discussion. Unfortunately, that leaves almost no other avenue of getting the point across other than the maha bashing Hanuman Prabhu is unleashing on them. (And a big thank you to Hanuman Prabhu for doing so.)

I would suggest adding some of these more philosophical points in with the verbal dandas, as it will make it difficult for them to say that you are just unhinged.

If they respond about some SP anecdote (SP did like this, not like CMP), then we start getting to the heart of their thinking on the matter, and that is where you want to deliver the heaviest philosophical points and strong words.

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Basu Ghosh Das The link, above, got cut off in Jyotirmaya Dasa Prabhu's comment. Lot's of pictures showing this lady with SNS. However, that may or may not be an absolutely "water tight" case "in and of itself" that SNS is living with her. Sure, the article alleges so many things. You now need testimony from various devotees that the two are actually residing together. As I wrote you privately, I was told this during my few days in Berlin back during the summer of 2012. There are probably a number of devotees who can testify -- in writing -- that such is the case (unfortunately, since I consider SNS a "friend" -- but am not in touch with him at all -- he's never visited Gujarat, as I recall). I have no animosity towards him whatsoever. But if this lady lives in his compound -- as I was told -- for the past many years, well, yes, it is inappropriate for a sannyasi. The thing is that SNS is a very kind and gentle person, and so he is well liked. Thus, simply allegation won't work here. You need facts. And written testimony by a number of witness, to prove the charges, and then only will Prahladananda Maharaj can act -- otherwise he will be criticized himself for acting without proof. He is in a "catch 22" situation. He may have seen the article on the Sun website, but possibly feels that there is not enough tangible proof to substantiate the allegations. It must be seen that justice is done for all, including for SNS.
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The vaishhava-aparadha iskcon police may excuse me but the scriptures cannot approve of silence on the issue of Sacinandana Swami:
1. The Swami has a female secretary (this is not too dangerous; after all it is just weakness of the senses not a philosophical deviation.)
2. The Swami makes submissive inquiries to Ramesh Baba the guru-less Sahajiya-Mayavadi (this is most dangerous because the Swami has lost the sense of discrimination, sat asat viveka buddhi which discriminates as to who is a vaishnava and who is a mayavadi)
2.1 Ramesh baba would have been kicked on the face if SP was here.
2.2. Which sannyassi disciple of SP when SP was present ever took instructions a mayavadi even for 10 minutes?
2.3. Which sannyassi disciple of SP when SP was present ever discussed Radharani-katha with a mayavadi even for 10 minutes?
2.4 Firstly, he is talking loosely about Radharani and then insult to injury- he is talking loosely about Radharani with Ramesh Baba and taking instructions from Ramesh Baba. Even if you argue that it is not classified as 'loose talking', still it is being done with Ramesh Baba.

3. Logic dictates that Sacinandana Swami
3.1 A Swami with a female secretary
3.2 A Swami with too many loose talks about Radharani
3.3 A Swami who gives meditation techniques to Pandava Sena
3.4 A Swami who does not give Pandava Sena instructions on avoiding free mixing (this is an independent report)
3.5 A Swami who does not give instruction to the Pandava Sena on premarital illicit affairs (this is an independent report)
3.6 A Swami who has discussions about Radharani with a mayavadi- Ramesh baba
3.7 A Swami who takes philosophical instructions from a mayavadi- Ramesh baba (as opposed to taking general practical instructions on working a computer, exercising, improving health, local Vrindavan politics etc)
Has something ill about his character and intentions. It raises too many red flags.

What would SP have said and done if SP saw his female-secretary-having-sannyassi discussing Radharani with a mayavadi and or taking instructions from a mayavadi like Ramesh Baba? I will leave the conclusion to you.

It is to be further noted that Sacinandana Swami just by chance happens to find a young attractive girl who is qualified to be his secretary. No ugly old fat bhaktins around?

Here is Bhakti Vikas Swami explaining why sannyassis should not have female secretaries

Ramesh Baba has no guru coming from the four bonafide sampradayas. End of argument.
Thus he is unfit to take spiritual instructions from or hear Harinaam from.
avaiṣṇava-mukhodgīrṇaṁ pūtaṁ hari-kathāmṛtam śravaṇaṁ naiva kartavyaṁ sarpocchiṣṭaṁ yathā payaḥ (Padma Purāṇa)
Even if tomorrow he comes out and apologies for his mayavadi words still he is a person who no one in existence should associate with for spiritual benefits.
We can speak with him on many practical matters just as we may discuss with an real estate agent or a politician or a plumber helping us in the holy lands but not on spiritual matters.
Why can't we get these simple facts in our heads?
When iskcon members fail to grasp these essential and easy to understand points
then we have a regretful recourse - to agree with Hridayananda Maharaja when he calls them morons since that is exactly what they are.
All glories to the misapplied intelligence of Hridayananda Maharaja!
It's not that Sacinandana Swami et al are going to the sahajiya-cum-mayavadi to educate him in the teachings of Prabhupada. That would have been the best thing.
We don't want to avoid giving association to mayavdis. We want to avoid taking their association.
We don't want to reject mayavadis when they make submissive inquires.
We should absolutely avoid making submissive enquires from them especially on Radharani. What madness is that?
You goto a sahajiya-cum-mayavadi to ask questions about Radharani? What is this? Makes no sense.
Even with fellow iskcon members we generally avoid, not ban but generally avoid, the topics of the gopis or Radharani
And some guru goes out of iskcon and sits on the floor, at the mayavadi-cum-sahajiya's feet, inquires from him who's seated on a chair, about "Radharani's bhava" and the
person on the chair is not initiated into a bonafide sampradaya.
We are not calling Sacinandana Swami a sahajiya, etc.
We are just saying that he is the type of person who thinks that it is okay to make humble
inquiries about Radharani's Bhava from Ramesh baba who is a confirmed sahajiya-cum-mayavadi who has no diskha or even a siksha guru from any of the 4 sampradayas.
Sacinandana Swami does not take Ramesh's shelter alone. He takes about 10 disciples to Ramesh Baba and make them all sit at his feet and do so as well.
So, you please use your head and call Sacinandana Swami what you wish to.
The evidence is present in front of you.
I am also like Hridayananda Goswami you see, I too am in favor of treating you like an adult as HDG says we should do.
So here we are - not name calling but letting you be the adult and understand what is the reality of Sacinandana Swami your self.

See Hanuman Das's full letter Click Here
Hanuman Das Comment by devotee who wanted to stay anonymous:

Hare Krishna! I read your open letter to SNS regarding his special assistant. One of his disciples told me that Bhanu-nandini consulted an American PR consultancy because of the website about "Mr. and Mrs. Sacinandana Swami", they told her they could not do anything about it other than "drown out the negative with the positive"... Interestingly enough, it was her, the cause of the scandal, who consulted with the company; and still, she lives in the same house, accompanying him everywhere he goes.

Seen with a Mayavadi singer, Krishna das, disciple of neem karoli baba

 Seen with a Mayavadi singer, Krishna das, disciple of neem karoli baba
See more pics here 

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